ACMPR Dried Cannabis Cannabinoid Content

ACMPR Dried Cannabis Cannabinoid Content

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CannStandard tracks cannabis related listings in the Canadian medical and recreational cannabis markets.

Below, we’ve shown a visualization of cannabinoid content for all the dried cannabis listed from Licensed Producers today (November 29th 2017). We found 264 listings of dried cannabis from 25 licensed producers. These numbers are up from the 147 listings and 19 licensed producers we found when we took this data November 2016.

Much of the cannabis available today has high THC content and low CBD content, you can see them all crowded along the x-axis on the visualization below. More than three quarters of the varieties available (78% or 205 listed varieties) have high THC contents, the average THC content of this group is 16.66%

Less than a fifth of the total listings are for 1:1 varieties of dried cannabis, those with comparable THC and CBD contents. There are 44 of these listings in total or 17% of total listings.

High CBD varieties make up 6% of total listings (15 listings). These are varieties with very little THC compared to their CBD content. The average CBD content of this group is 13.86%.