ACMPR Cannabis Capsule Listing Summary – 07/21/2017

ACMPR Cannabis Capsule Listing Summary – 07/21/2017

Market Reports

Cannabinoid content and the price of medical cannabis in Canada vary with licensed producer, location of production, and production method. We track cannabinoid content and pricing data for all listed cannabis capsules to understand how these prices change over time.

We initially wanted to include cannabis capsules with cannabis oils because the method of ingestion is the same. Our goal was to compare the medical concentrations of the liquid inside capsules, just like we do cannabis oils. Cannabis capsules are also often available in oil form, we wanted to use this method to determine the price premium when choosing capsules over the oil. But for this method we need to know the volume of oil inside each cannabis capsule.

We called around to the LPs offering capsules asking the volume of each capsule and found that only one provider was confident in knowing the volume of their capsules (MedReleaf, 0.20mL-0.25mL, average 0.225mL). Tweed’s Soft Gels come in different volumes depending on the variety, customer service thought their capsules might be as large as 1mL (a bit larger than the volume of a 00 capsule). Tweed offered to follow up with the information. Tilray offers one size of capsule, customer service was not sure on the size of the capsules but also offered to follow up with me.

After the calls, we decided it might be better to create a separate category for capsules. Although, we can still compare the price for cannabinoids across oils and capsules.

There are only 6 listings from 3 producers in this category, so we can talk about each producer individually.


MedReleaf had 3 listings in this category: 2 are THC variety oils with 5mg THC per capsule. Their remaining offering is Tikun Olam’s Midnight in capsule form with 2mg THC and 3mg CBD per capsule. The capsules from MedReleaf range from $0.66 to $0.83 per capsule.


Tilray had 2 listings in this category: a THC variety with 2.5mg THC per capsule and a 1:1 variety, with 2.5mg THC and 2.5mg CBD per capsule. Both capsules from Tilray were priced at $0.70 each, regardless of medicinal content.


Tweed had 1 listing for THC variety capsule. The content of each capsule is 2.5mg THC with a negligible amount of CBD (0.07mg), each capsule costs $0.75 each.

Prices for THC in capsule form were found to be higher than average oil prices. On average, 10mg of THC from capsules was priced 98% higher than the average price of 10mg THC from cannabis oils ($2.38/10mg from capsules versus $1.20/10mg from cannabis oils). However, when looking at MedReleaf’s capsules, we see only a 11% increase over the market average for 10mg THC from a cannabis oil ($1.33/10mg from capsules versus $1.20/10mg from cannabis oils). Furthermore, there is only a 3% increase in price by buying MedReleaf’s capsules over their oils ($1.33/10mg in capsules versus $1.29/10mg from cannabis oils).

Price for cannabinoids in a 1:1 capsule were found to have less of a price increase. On average 10mg of either THC or CBD from capsules was priced 26% higher than the average price for either cannabinoid from a 1:1 oil.

Keep in mind, the sample sizes for the cases above are small, we expect these values to fluctuate greatly as more capsules become available. We look forward to adding more listings to this category as more producers begin to offer their oils in capsule form.