ACMPR Dried Cannabis Compassion Pricing

ACMPR Dried Cannabis Compassion Pricing

Market Reports

In January 2018, we performed a review of compassion pricing programs from the Licensed Producers in Canada’s ACMPR.

We found that 16 of the 25 producers actively selling cannabis had compassion programs in place. Most programs require patients to meet an income prerequisite and provide a discount on all dried cannabis, or in some cases, a limited selection of products. Most producer’s compassion programs also include oils and other products, but we are only talking about dried cannabis for this visualization. Other stipulations exist and each producer’s program varies slightly, so it’s best to confirm all details by phoning your producer.

In the visualization below, we’ve taken the compassion price discounts for each producer (shown right) and applied them to each producer’s average price for one gram of dried cannabis (shown left, data taken Feb 15 2018). The average price for each producer is denoted by the entire bar, with the average discount shown in blue and the average compassion price shown in grey. Producers without compassion pricing programs are also shown for comparison, entirely in grey.

Keep in mind, we’re using average prices for this exercise, the actual discount will vary with the price of the dried cannabis variety. On average, producer compassion discounts on dried cannabis ranges from $0.92 per gram, up to $3.04 per gram. Looking at each listing separately, compassion discounts vary from $0.58 to $4.38 per gram. The average discount for one gram of dried cannabis from a Licensed Producer compassion price program is $2.04 (Feb 15 2018 current).