ACMPR Dried Cannabis Listing Summary – 07/20/2017

ACMPR Dried Cannabis Listing Summary – 07/20/2017

Market Reports

Cannabinoid content and the price of medical cannabis in Canada vary with licensed producer, location of production, and production method. We track cannabinoid content and pricing data for all listed dried cannabis flowers and milled blends to understand how these prices change over time.

There were 191 listings for dried cannabis flowers and milled blends in the ACMPR when the data for this summary was taken. The average selection per producer was 8.17 dried cannabis listings.

A notable addition to the listing summary this week was Whistler’s CBG Shiatsu Kush featuring a mid level of THC (6.9%), low CBD (0.0%) and a higher level of CBG (4.63%). Cannabigerol is a precursor cannabinoid for both CBD and THC. CBG is non-intoxicating and there is some evidence to suggest CBG is more effective in treating neuropathic pain (than CBD).

Shake and blends continued to be the lowest cost products for THC. Cannafarms’ Shake product offered the lowest price for THC market wide. Other value offerings were MedReleaf’s Trimmings, both of Aphria’s Grower Blends, Lighthouse from Organigram, the Supreme Formula at CannTrust and the Blueberry Cheesecake at Organigram. MedReleaf’s Cognitiva showed good value for flower product. Also great value were the Cannafarm’s Pink Kush and Girl Scout Cookies varieties. In fact, looking at top ten listings with the lowest price for THC, Cannafarms has 3 entries on the list- more than any other producer.

The 1:13 from CanniMed was the lowest price for CBD ($5.92 per 100mg) in the ACMPR followed by the Cannatonic variety from Aurora ($6.00/100mg).

RedeCan’s Shark Shock CBD continued to be the lowest cost for varieties with 1:1 cannabinoid ratios. Other value priced listings in this category are CanniMed’s 9:9 and the Warlock CBD from Tilray.