CBD – 6/18/16

CBD – 6/18/16

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This report focuses on Cannabidiol (CBD). From a pool of 176 strains available in the MMPR this week, we identify 48 strains that contain more than 3.5% CBD. From there, we organize all strains by CBD content and list the 11 strains with the highest percentages of CBD. Keep in mind this is a relatively small sample size (48 strains) so when we speak in terms of the top 11, we are talking about the top 22% of strains.

We track and analyze metrics for medical cannabis available under the Canadian Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations. We primarily concentrate on collecting secondary quantitative information currently but look to expand our scope to other areas of analysis in the near future.

The scope of CBD strains is similar to last week. There are two more strains available this week over last week.


We’ve added a second stage to our methodology for CBD strain analysis to account for the varying ratios of CBD and THC. During the first stage of analysis, we look for strains with high levels of CBD then we will look for strains with with the lowest prices for a comparable amount of CBD. THC content will be shown, but we will not bring THC content into the analysis in the first phase.

During the second phase, we’ll look at both CBD and THC to gain some insight on the ratio strains in the MMPR. Looking at the graph below, there is obviously a relationship between CBD and THC in cannabis strains in the MMPR. We’ll explore that relationship and it’s effect on price during this report.

For now, let’s look at THC% and CBD% for all 48 strains alphabetically.


Most THC oriented cannabis strains are high in THC and very low in CBD (>1%). CBD oriented strains aren’t as simple; they often have medium amounts of both cannabinoids. To capture this relationship, its often easiest to think of CBD strains in terms of ratios of CBD to THC. Looking at the graph below sorted for CBD%, we can see how these ratios begin to form.


Certain strains on the left of the graph have CBD percentages in multiple magnitudes of the THC. As we move to the middle of the graph, we find some strains with even levels of CBD and THC. On the far right we see a few strains having 2-3 times more THC than CBD.  Later on, we’ll look at how many strains fit into each of these ratio categories. Additionally, notice the troughs throughout the graph signifying strains with some CBD and low levels of THC; we’ll categorize these too.

For now, let’s look at the CBD content only for of each strain. CBD facing strains in the MMPR range from 18.6% CBD to 3.5% CBD, with an average of 9.11% CBD.


Let’s look at the 11 strains with the highest CBD content within all 48 strains.

Aurora’s Cannatonic has held the top spot with 18.6% CBD for several weeks now. This strain also has about 2% THC; good for those looking for high levels of CBD and relatively low levels of THC.

CB Diesel by MariCann is also very attractive. For starters, it’s a diesel so it can be used during the day. It not only has a high CBD% but it also boasts an impressive 6.5% THC.

Avidekel is a sativa dominant hybrid and MedReleaf has an offering that has less than 1% THC and 15% CBD. This strain is noted for its anti-tremor properties.

Notable for the same reasons listed for CB Diesel above, CBD Kush by Tweed has 14.4%CBD and 9.4%THC. This CBD Kush strain is another rare strain in the MMPR offering large quantities of CBD along with nearly 10% THC. Tweed also has a low THC (0.6%) variety that appears on this list (TWD #3) with 13% CBD. Covering the whole spectrum, Tweed also has a CBD Medihaze on the list that is 1:4 with 4% THC and 11.7%CBD.

CBD God Bud by Mettrum also fits the qualifications of a high CBD and THC strain, it has 9% THC and 12% CBD making it a true 3:4 strain.

Cannabliss by Cannafarms is back to the market this week and appears within the top 5 of this list as well. It has nearly 14% CBD with less than 1% THC.

Last week we saw Shark Shock by RedeCan when we looked at price with respect to CBD. It also offers a larger amount of THC (7.1%) along with the 12% CBD for a lower price of $6.50 per gram.


Let’s bring price into the picture; still looking at CBD only.

With the added two CBD facing strains in the MMPR this week, average prices have raised $0.03 per gram. As we said last week, with such a small sample size these types of fluctuations will continue until more strains are added. Twenty-eight of 48 strains (58%) are below the market average for per gram pricing this week.


Let’s adjust the context away from per gram pricing to look at pricing for 75mg of CBD. Remember, we’re looking at CBD only; the relative amounts of THC contained in each strain are not included in the pricing calculation.


Because we aren’t looking at THC, this perspective doesn’t capture the qualities of a strain with comparable THC and CBD levels. Strains at the maximum end of this range are likely to contain valuable THC that we’re ignoring. This perspective is mostly relevant to patients look for CBD only. For now, let’s look at the 11 strains with the lowest prices for CBD. We’ll also show you the mg of THC that comes along with the amount of crude cannabis required to achieve a 75mg potion of CBD and the per gram price for each strain.


Let’s talk about the strains offering CBD and little THC first.

Aurora has a flat pricing structure, all of their strains are $8/gram. Their Cannatonic tops this list as it has the highest CBD % for strains in the MMPR and a per gram price below the market average.

Bedrolite by Bedrocan has 9% CBD and 1% THC. Bedrocan also has a flat pricing structure at $5/gram but because this strain has a lower CBD content, over 800 mg of crude cannabis is required to achieve 75mg of portion of CBD from this strain.

CanniMed sells their 1-13 strain for $7.70 per gram and is also one of the better deals in the MMPR for CBD only strains.

All other strains offer significant amounts of THC along with the CBD; it’s more useful to look at these strains using a methodology that quantifies THC along with CBD.

In a comparable amount of cannabis, amounts of THC and CBD vary significantly from strain to strain but we can begin to categorize these strains based on their ratio of THC to CBD.


This methodology breaks the strains down into several categories.

Strains with little to no THC to CBD (1:10 and lower) are appropriate for patients looking for CBD only.

From there, levels of THC climb from 33% of CBD levels (1:3) to even THC and CBD (1:1).  Just over 77% of CBD strains (44) are included within the 6 categories spanning this range.

Four strains offer THC levels that will double and triple CBD levels (2:1, 3:1) that are perhaps more appropriate for patients looking for THC with a side portion of CBD.

Let’s step back and look at all 48 strains on a comparable level. Pretend we’re going to buy a preroll (~350mg) of each CBD strain in the MMPR, how much THC and CBD would each contain?mmpr-cbd-report_block_18

In this exercise, were looking at 350mg of cannabis from all 48 strains to see which ones will have the most THC and CBD. We’ve shown the pricing for the 350mg of cannabis but keep in mind we are looking for high levels of both cannabinoids, exclusive to price.


In all the 350mg portions of cannabis, Tweed’s CBD Kush would have the most CBD and THC. It’s a 2:3 strain that offers 3 portions of CBD for every 2 portions of THC.

Offering slightly less THC and slightly more CBD, CB Diesel by MariCann is a 1:2 strain.

Offering even portions of THC and CBD is Midnight by MedReleaf. This strain is known to provide a relaxing experience beneficial for both stress and pain.

CBD God Bud by Mettrum and Midday Vault Reserve by Hydropothecary end up offering similar amounts of CBD and THC despite their difference in ratios (3:4 and 2:3, respective).

15-5 by Cannimed is a 3:1 strains which offers 3 portions of THC for every portion of CBD. A notable strain for those looking to incorporate some CBD with their THC.

Shark Shock by RedeCan and Good Morning by Hydropothecary offer similar levels of cannabinoids; both are 2:3 strains.

CBD Skunk Haze by Tweed is on the maximum end of what we would consider a 1:1 strain, 350mg of crude cannabis will offer just under 10mg more THC than CBD.

Let’s adjust the scope to look at price as well. Below we’ll look at the price range for those hypothetical pre-rolls each containing 350mg of cannabis from all 48 strains.


Similar to before, we’re looking at CBD and THC but this time, we’re looking with respect to price. Let’s check the 11 CBD strains with the lowest cost for THC and CBD.


Keep in mind, during the first stage of analysis, we looked at prices with respect to a comparable amount of CBD. Here, in the right column, we’ve shown price with respect to a comparable amount of crude cannabis; they are not comparable.

Bediol by Bedrocan is a 3:4 strain at 7% THC and 9%CBD. For those looking for both THC and CBD, this is most economical strain in the MMPR. The hypothetical preroll cost us $1.75 and included almost 50mg of THC and CBD.

Also offering above average cannabinoids for the price, a preroll of Shark Shock by RedeCan cost $2.28 and netted almost 70mg of CBD and THC.

The milled House Blend+CBD by Tilray offers almost even levels of THC and CBD; we considered it a 4:5. Four other strains fit within this category in the MMPR.

Canntrust’s Nebula CBD has a below average cost per gram and comparatively lower CBD and THC levels. This strain offers great value for those looking for a low cannabinoid strain.

We saw Sweet Skunk CBD by Tilray on the previous list. At $7.00/gram, it’s comparable to RedeCan’s Shark Shock for both potency and value.

Also on both lists is CBD Kush by Tweed, representing one of the best deals for more potent cannabinoids in the MMPR.

CanniMed’s 9-9 is a 1:1 strain presenting a good deal for a 1:1 strain right now. A 350mg portion of cannabis would cost $2.51 for this strain.

Offering slightly less cannabinoids for just over $2.00 per preroll is Nina by Peace Naturals. This is a 1:1 strain with THC and CBD under the 10% mark. At $6.00 per gram, this strain is right up there with some of the most economical cannabis available right now.

CB Diesel by MariCann is one of the most potent strains available from a CBD only perspective. It also have a hefty amount of THC to go along with it and presents a value proposition in the top 20% of the market.

Lastly, let’s look at variety of CBD strains from each LP.

mmpr-cbd-report_block_28Average offerings per LP have remained similar (~2.7) from week to week. Tweed has had the most selections week to week. LP’s providing average and above average selection are consistently providing above average selections.