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Historical Volume Price of Cannabis Oil from ACMPR Licensed Producers

Market Reports

Producer Summary

There are 19 producers actively selling cannabis oils to Canadians under the ACMPR.

Listing Summary

On Friday, March 23rd 2018 we found 92 listings for dried cannabis products from the 19 licensed producers.

Pricing Averages

The average price for one millilitre of cannabis oil was $2.74 across the 92 listings of cannabis oil.

Cannabinoid Average

The average cannabinoid content (THC and CBD) for cannabis oil was 24.51mg/mL.

ACMPR Cannabis Oil Listing Summary – 07/21/2017

Market Reports

Cannabinoid content and the price of medical cannabis in Canada vary with licensed producer, location of production, and production method. We track cannabinoid content and pricing data for all listed cannabis oils to understand how these prices change over time.

Previously, we included the capsules from MedReleaf in our cannabis oil summaries. Now that more producers are carrying capsules we will break those out into a separate infographic; capsules were not included in this current summary.

There were 57 varieties of cannabis oils from 12 producers listed as available when the data for this summary was taken. On average, each producer with oils available had 4.75 selections to choose from. Four producers did not have oils available when the data for this summary was taken, including these producers lowers the average to 3.5 selections for each LP with a sales license for cannabis oil.

Aphria’s Champlain oil offered the lowest price per 10mg THC of all THC cannabis oils ($0.85 for the indica variety and $0.89 for the sativa variety). There were four THC cannabis oil varieties available priced under $1/10mg THC: two were available from Aphria, one was available at CannTrust and one was a topical from Whistler (Tangerine Dream Topical Oil).

CannTrust’s CBD Drops offered the lowest price per 10mg CBD of all the CBD cannabis oils ($0.90). There was only one cannabis oil variety priced under $1/10mg CBD and it’s available at CannTrust.

For 1:1 cannabis oils, the lowest cost came from CannTrust’s 1:1 Drops ($0.90). Aphria and Tweed also have 1:1 oils priced below the $1/10mg mark.

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