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ACMPR Dried Cannabis – CBD Variety Listing Highlight – 08/10/2017

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Since our last dried cannabis summary (August 8 2017), there have been 5 additional listings to the total number of selections under the ACMPR (210 selections total).

Varieties of dried cannabis with negligible levels of THC and high levels of CBD (<0.3 THC:CBD) are relatively rare in the ACMPR (typically ~4% of all availability) and are offered by 7-8 providers (depending on availability). A new addition to these CBD varieties has been released since our last summary, to make a total of 9 providers offering a CBD only variety. These varieties are especially important to medical patients, so we wanted to highlight the new addition, and all producers that carry CBD varieties in dried cannabis form.

In alphabetical order, the producers currently offering CBD varieties are; Aphria, Aurora, Canada’s Island Garden, CannaFarms, CanniMed, CannTrust, Emblem, Hydropothecary and MedReleaf. For now, each producer carries one CBD variety.

We have shown price for 100 mg of CBD from each producer below. We want to note that Emblem’s CBD variety is the new addition to the ACMPR and offer our congratulations to them; our data shows their offering is currently the lowest price for 100mg of CBD currently available ($5.62). The quarterly low for this metric was established by Aphria ($5.29/100mgCBD, June 2017).


CannStandard logs publicly available listing information for cannabis. We have shown publicly available CBD potency values for each licensed producer below. There are three items we want to note.

Hydropothecary’s CBD selection is a decarboxylated milled blend while the other providers’ products are carboxylated, which makes Hydropothecary’s potency look comparatively lower but this is not actually the case. Before decarboxylation was performed, we estimate the potency of Hydropothecary’s CBD selection was ~15% CBD (~$8.23 per 100mg CBD).

Aurora reports rounded numbers on their public side, the in-store potency listed for their CBD selection is 13.7% CBD.

MedReleaf reports ranges for their potency, we have shown the maximum of the range.