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Historical Volume Price of Cannabis Oil from ACMPR Licensed Producers

Market Reports

Producer Summary

There are 19 producers actively selling cannabis oils to Canadians under the ACMPR.

Listing Summary

On Friday, March 23rd 2018 we found 92 listings for dried cannabis products from the 19 licensed producers.

Pricing Averages

The average price for one millilitre of cannabis oil was $2.74 across the 92 listings of cannabis oil.

Cannabinoid Average

The average cannabinoid content (THC and CBD) for cannabis oil was 24.51mg/mL.

Canadian Storefront Dispensary Bulk Pricing

Market Reports

CannStandard tracks cannabis related listings in Canada.

On November 25th 2017, we found 9224 listings for items in dispensary storefronts.
Just over a quarter of the total listings (26% or 2423 listings) were for dried cannabis and 30% of those listings were for single grams only.
About 70% of the dried cannabis listings (1689 listings) also included bulk pricing for half ounces and ounces.
We’ve grouped all prices by city and calculated the average price of a half ounce and an ounce in each city.

Below is a visualization of average bulk pricing for each city with bulk listings in dispensary storefronts for November 25 2017.

Average prices for ounces are shown by colour and prices for half ounces are shown in the detail window when you select a city.

ACMPR Dried Cannabis Listing Summary – 06/22/2017

Market Reports

Cannabinoid content and the price of medical cannabis in Canada vary with licensed producer, location of production, and production method. We track cannabinoid content and pricing data for all listed dried cannabis flowers and milled blends to understand how these prices change over time.