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Canadian Dried Cannabis Price Dashboard

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Our favourite section of High Times is the pricing section in the back. If you’re not familiar with it, High Times Magazine includes a small table of peer-submitted dried cannabis varieties and their respective prices that spans both the United States and Canada. The Canadian section usually contains one to three data points, which sheds some light on the regional cost of cannabis but leaves a lot to be desired.

Cann Standard logs listings for cannabis products. As medical cannabis patients, we started out tracking data from ACMPR producers of dried cannabis and, shortly after, began to track prices from the dispensary storefronts, delivery services and online mail order storefronts.

The graphic below is an amalgam of the listings we’ve logged across a section of dates. We’ve constructed it to provide similar guidance to the High Times pricing table. The graphic will show summary data for dried cannabis across a small number of all the dimensions we track. National per gram prices are shown for all listings logged. Specific varieties of dried cannabis can be highlighted using the “Highlight Specific Varieties” filter at the top right of the graphic. For example, typing “Girl Scout Cookies” in the highlight box will update the graphic to show data for that specific variety of cannabis only.

This graphic is designed for consumers. For those considering purchasing dried cannabis, it will give average price nationally with provincial breakdown, the distribution of pricing nationally and a breakdown of listing counts by storefront and province.

You will need to enter the cannabis variety. We’ve observed and logged ~2500 varieties of dried cannabis. For this graphic, we have reduced the variety name in case of numerical phenotype classifications. For example “Love Potion #1” and “Love Potion #9” have become “Love Potion”. For separate phenotypes with similar variety names, the names are separate. For example, the generalized “OG Kush” variety and the specific “OG#18” variety are included separately.

The highlighter will also accept key words. For example, typing “Kush” in the search box will provide the average price and listing count of cannabis varieties that include the keyword.

The graphic is a work in progress. We are funnelling tabulated data from our database into the visualization currently, both forward and backwards in time. The listing data is derived from multiple sources which must go through a layer of processing before being added to the graphic. We’re currently updating the graphic with more ACMPR listings from the two week scope.

Please note, this graphic has limitations. This version of the graphic does not show time. We’ll show the bracket of dates the data was taken (which we are updating daily for all store front types). The data shown are derived from public listings for dried cannabis, not sales data; it shows what is available for sale not what was purchased. We track listings from listing aggregator sites as well as storefront websites itself. Much of the data contains traditional variety names where some ACMPR producers do not. We have used traditional names where available and will continue to add more as we learn about genetics from the Licensed Producers. This graphic shows prices for a single gram of cannabis, we also track bulk pricing but these values are not shown here. By the way, we’ve found bulk purchase programs at the Licensed Producers but this information is not included in this graphic.

The store types each have different qualifications. A dispensary is considered to be a store type with an address and a store that a consumer can physically walk into. Dispensaries without a physical address or prices were omitted from this data. A delivery service is considered to be operated without a physical address. We’ve omitted delivery services without a provincial location and those without contact information or website. The mail order category is for mail order services with a website which mails dried cannabis products. We have omitted mail order services that lack a provincial designator but we continually add operators as we research their location.

For those wondering about store type pricing averages, we aren’t going to show that information in this infographic, but we will provide some highlights. During the first week April 2018, we observed a price of ~$9.20 per gram from ACMPR producers. To buy a single gram of cannabis from all other store types was ~$10.40. The only bulk price we found in the ACMPR was for Maricann’s Critical Mass ($7.00 per gram for 30 grams). Nationally, the bulk price for an ounce of any variety of cannabis is about ~$8 per gram (excluding the Maricann bulk listing).

We hope the dashboard is useful to consumers and others working in the industry. We will continue to work on its completeness. Feel free to contact me with comments, questions or if you just want to heckle me directly.

ACMPR Dried Cannabis Compassion Pricing

Market Reports

In January 2018, we performed a review of compassion pricing programs from the Licensed Producers in Canada’s ACMPR.

We found that 16 of the 25 producers actively selling cannabis had compassion programs in place. Most programs require patients to meet an income prerequisite and provide a discount on all dried cannabis, or in some cases, a limited selection of products. Most producer’s compassion programs also include oils and other products, but we are only talking about dried cannabis for this visualization. Other stipulations exist and each producer’s program varies slightly, so it’s best to confirm all details by phoning your producer.

In the visualization below, we’ve taken the compassion price discounts for each producer (shown right) and applied them to each producer’s average price for one gram of dried cannabis (shown left, data taken Feb 15 2018). The average price for each producer is denoted by the entire bar, with the average discount shown in blue and the average compassion price shown in grey. Producers without compassion pricing programs are also shown for comparison, entirely in grey.

Keep in mind, we’re using average prices for this exercise, the actual discount will vary with the price of the dried cannabis variety. On average, producer compassion discounts on dried cannabis ranges from $0.92 per gram, up to $3.04 per gram. Looking at each listing separately, compassion discounts vary from $0.58 to $4.38 per gram. The average discount for one gram of dried cannabis from a Licensed Producer compassion price program is $2.04 (Feb 15 2018 current).

Historical Price Per Gram of Dried Cannabis from ACMPR Licensed Producers

Market Reports

Producer Summary

We’ve found listings from 26 producers actively selling cannabis to Canadians under the ACMPR.

Listing Summary

On Friday, April 6th 2018 we found 308 listings for dried cannabis products from the 26 licensed producers with dried cannabis listings.

Pricing Averages

The average price for one single gram of dried cannabis was $9.24 for the 308 listings of dried cannabis.

Cannabinoid Average

The average cannabinoid content (THC+CBD) for one single gram of dried cannabis was 16.57%.

This dashboard is available to any person or group who would like to use it. Use the code in the bottom right hand corner to embed this dashboard, it will automatically update with new data.

Canadian Storefront Dispensary Bulk Pricing

Market Reports

CannStandard tracks cannabis related listings in Canada.

On November 25th 2017, we found 9224 listings for items in dispensary storefronts.
Just over a quarter of the total listings (26% or 2423 listings) were for dried cannabis and 30% of those listings were for single grams only.
About 70% of the dried cannabis listings (1689 listings) also included bulk pricing for half ounces and ounces.
We’ve grouped all prices by city and calculated the average price of a half ounce and an ounce in each city.

Below is a visualization of average bulk pricing for each city with bulk listings in dispensary storefronts for November 25 2017.

Average prices for ounces are shown by colour and prices for half ounces are shown in the detail window when you select a city.

Dried Cannabis Listing Summary – 11/17/17

Market Reports

CannStandard tracks cannabis related listings in the Canadian medical and recreational cannabis markets.

Below is a summary of dried cannabis listings from three different sections of the market: licensed producers in the ACMPR, online dispensaries and storefront dispensaries.


Data shown was taken on November 17 2017. Only listings for single gram were included in this summary, bulk pricing was omitted. Storefront dispensary category contains pre-roll listings. Edibles, concentrates, drinks and all other derivatives were omitted.

ACMPR Dried Cannabis Listing Summary – 08/17/2017

Market Reports

Cannabinoid content and the price of medical cannabis in Canada vary with licensed producer, location of production and testing method. We track cannabinoid content and pricing data for all listed dried cannabis flowers and milled blends to understand how these prices change over time.

There were 210 available dried cannabis selections from 24 producers available August 17 2017. Up from 205 when this summary was performed on August 8th and up from the 133 selections available from this time last year (August 2016).

Canna Farms has announced lower prices across their menu but their varieties have remained the same. Their average price per gram has dropped from $8.77 to $7.54 (Aug 10 to Aug 17 2017). Medicinal prices have dropped $0.73 per 100mg THC (on average, Aug 10 to Aug 17 2017) from THC varieties, and $1.37 for 100 CBD from CBD varieties (for CannaBliss, Aug 10 to Aug 17 2017).

Recently, Emblem has raised prices across their menu. Their average price per gram has increased from $7.89 across 9 varieties (July 20 2017) of dried cannabis to $10.37 across 15 varieties (August 17 2017). This equates to an increase of $1.29 per 100mg THC (on average, July 20 to Aug 17 2017) from THC varieties and $1.22 per 100mg of either CBD/THC from 1:1 varieties (on average, July 20 (Aqua Flora, Aqua Flora Clear and Zen’s Garden) to August 17 2017 (Aqua Flora and Zen’s Garden)).

Emblem has also recently released a high CBD variety, Cherry Hill, (0.6%THC, 17.8% CBD), offering 100mg of CBD for $5.61, $0.91 below average for 100mg of CBD from a CBD variety.

Hydropothecary has added another high CBD variety to their menu (Honeydew, 1.8%THC, 18.5%CBD) which offers 100mg of CBD for $5.41, which is $1.12 below the average price for 100mg of CBD from a CBD variety.

Emerald has added a high CBD variety called Island Mist (0.4%THC, 15.9%CBD) which offers 100mg of CBD for $7.86, $1.33 above the average price for 100mg of CBD from a CBD variety.

The average THC% for the 168 THC varieties of dried cannabis in this summary is 17.47%. Eight of the nine THC varieties at Peace Naturals currently feature above 20% THC. Also notable for high THC potency, Tilray has an average THC% of 21.5% for this summary, they makes the list twice for the top 5 varieties with the highest THC.


ACMPR Dried Cannabis Listing Summary – 06/22/2017

Market Reports

Cannabinoid content and the price of medical cannabis in Canada vary with licensed producer, location of production, and production method. We track cannabinoid content and pricing data for all listed dried cannabis flowers and milled blends to understand how these prices change over time.