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Dried Cannabis Listing Summary – 11/17/17

Market Reports

CannStandard tracks cannabis related listings in the Canadian medical and recreational cannabis markets.

Below is a summary of dried cannabis listings from three different sections of the market: licensed producers in the ACMPR, online dispensaries and storefront dispensaries.


Data shown was taken on November 17 2017. Only listings for single gram were included in this summary, bulk pricing was omitted. Storefront dispensary category contains pre-roll listings. Edibles, concentrates, drinks and all other derivatives were omitted.

ACMPR Dried Cannabis Listing Summary – 06/22/2017

Market Reports

Cannabinoid content and the price of medical cannabis in Canada vary with licensed producer, location of production, and production method. We track cannabinoid content and pricing data for all listed dried cannabis flowers and milled blends to understand how these prices change over time.