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Cannabis industry insights

Using cannabis market data, we report on key indicators in the cannabis market. Our cannabis market insights are extracted daily from more than 800 industry data sources, analyzed, and summarized in CannStandard’s monthly reports. Learn more about our market reports and subscriptions or sign up to get insights directly to your inbox.

CannStandard groups our databases by region and license status. The listings we track are sourced from multiple market segments including recreational cannabis to medical cannabis from Canada and the United States. 

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Supporting the Growth of the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry is growing. Get reports on how market trends effect you and your business.

CannStandard collects cannabis market data to estimate sales for cannabis products in Canada. We track cannabis markets around the world using a combination of primary research and machine learning, and provide competitive market analysis based on the data we collect. 

We define competitive segments and track key measures to determine performance and market share analysis. Our data is generated from publicly-facing listings across many data sources and store chains.

Market Reports

We report on our tracked findings in the cannabis industry. A sample of our cannabis industry market reports is available to read on our blog!

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Cannabis Market Insights

Get data-backed insights about the cannabis market.

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Retail Stores

CannStandard tracks retail locations across Canada from publicly available data and provincial websites. 


CannStandard tracks brands as well as products in the Canadian cannabis industry. Get to know what’s selling well, what isn’t, and why.

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