Hey, Brad here, doing a rundown of new products we’ve found in at Alberta Cannabis.

Data used this write up was taken on the 6th and 13th of February. Our data spans every product in the store and we receive no incentive to highlight these products. 

For each product we contextualize the price against the benchmark average price for the product type and package size, and those benchmarks go back to November 21st 2021 on this version of the report.

Why you’d read this post

To keep up to date with new products and know if they are above or below average in price.

First we list anything that came out in February with the minimum price for the week. The store average for the product type and package size is shown to the right. Finally we show the variance from the minimum price and the store average.

New products to Alberta Cannabis February 2022

Next we talk about each product individually.

Dunn Cannabis Acai Berry Gelato and Karma Pre-Rolls

The database we use for this report goes back to November 21st 2021, and I’ve seen both these names previous to this report so these two products might new in pre-roll form, or just new lots released this February.

Calyptra Light The Snack Pack Milled

This is a quarter ounce of milled flower for under $3 per gram, or about a 50% discount from the average price of a quarter of milled flower from this store. 

It competes with five other brands; Blendcraft’s milled flower, Boaz’s Grindz offerings, Jonny Chronic’s Milled French Macaron, Saturday Sweet & Sour Ready to Roll, and the Shred products.

Lab Theory Diamonds

These are diamonds available at $47.99 per gram or an 8% discount off the average price of $52.15. 

I wouldn’t necessarily reflect that the price is attractive but what is cool about this product is the flower used was grown by Simply Bare.

Dad Hash Moroccan Cream Hash

This is another familiar offering, but may be new to the store.

Not too much price action to talk about here. There are two offerings of Live Ice Hash included in this store (the other being Earthwolf Farms). Both are priced the same.

Dab-P Tangerine Dream

This is a new distillate product that sounds similar to HEXO’s klik brand of distillate applicators. This one from Black Label Extracts sounds similar, dispensing a 50mg done with every click.

Price is $27.99 per gram, or about 29% less than the average price for a gram of distillate from this store.

Top Leaf Forbidden Lemon Caviar Cones

Last up are the Caviar Cones by Top Leaf. This was listed under caviar, but I they describe it as a blend of hash and oil with flower. Which is what I’d call an infused pre-roll. Caviar is usually a nucleated butane or propane extraction.

Anyhow, this product is priced just a bit higher than another Top Leaf infused pre-roll, their Golden Spiceberry Kush Caviar Cone.