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GrowUP 2019

This report uses datasets generated from large listing aggregators and store fronts where cannabis products are listed to explore price and availability of cannabis products in Canada from August 2018 to April 2019.

Number of Operators

Looking at just the data from the listing aggregator, we summarize all listings in Canada, under the name of the store placing the listings and separate them by their store type; whether they are a dispensary or delivery service.

Stores are also shown by their location, if the operator lists an address or postal code. Note, about 75% of operators listing cannabis products in Canada do not list an address, particularly delivery services.

We observe a decrease in the number of dispensary listings, and a small decrease in the number of delivery services (noting a slight increase early 2019).

Available Product Types

Using the same dataset, we’ll break the listings down by the 5 major product types tracked: Dried Cannabis, Pre-Rolls, Concentrates, Edibles and Topicals. We look at the listing counts relative to each other, as well as longitudinally. Each view has been separated by store type.

Product Types and Sub-product Types

Next we’ll move one step more granular, looking at listing counts by sub-product type, as they have been listed by the vendor. Note the overlap of sub-product types across two major product types. For example, Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is often listed as both a concentrate and an edible product.

Price, Dried Cannabis

Focusing just on dried cannabis product now, we’re checking price by package size and the differences between, regardless of store type. The chart tracks price longitudinally, broken down by store type.

Across large markets, bulk discount ranges from 28%-43%, depending on package size. Note the minimal difference is bulk discount between a 3.5g, 7g and 14g package. Also worth noting, the difference in price between delivery services and dispensaries.

Price, Dried Cannabis, Historical

Changing view from the listing aggregator dataset to look at store specific data, we’re looking at average price per gram for any package size longitudinally.

Notice a general price separation of legal and non-legal stores, although many do not follow this trend. For dried cannabis, price has risen, particularly in product packages under 28 grams. 

Continuing with this dataset, we change the view to look at popular cultivars found at both shop types.

Genetic Availability

Trends in popular genetics stem from American breeders, where the rate of creation seems to be increasing. A good example is WeGrowBC’s (Qwest’s) Ice Cream Cake. To illustrate this, we’ve sorted dried cannabis listings by a list of known cultivars and shown their counts relative to each other, separated by country.

Genetics adds a complicated dimension to the dried cannabis product subtype, where multiple areas of regional and widespread popularity exist. We find over a 25% increase in genetic diversity in the US market.

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