This report tracks the unit price (price per gram) of legal whole flower cannabis products in Canada.

We observe publicly facing listings for cannabis products in bricks & mortar stores and in provincial web stores for monthly analysis. Weights of the data are shown by SKU count and brand count for each month are shown by line thickness in the charts below.


Historical Price Per Gram

Across all listings in the market the price for 1g of dry cannabis from any package size was $8.54.  This is a 25% decrease from the initial value of $11.33 taken at the start of Canada’s legalisation in October 2018.

This month we can find over 1500 SKUs available in the market from 271 brands.  This is down from the peak brand count observed in January 2022 at 276 brands.

Price Per Gram of 1g Packages

Just over 10% of active brands offer a 1g package of cannabis in March 2022. Price of a 1g package is down 20% since legalisation occured in October 2018. For the past nine months the average price of a 1g package of dried cannabis has been below the trend line as defined by the historical average price.

Price Per Gram of 3.5g Packages

The 3.5g package segment is the most popular segment in the dried cannabis market. Over 90% of active brands offer a 3.5g package.

Since legalisation began in October 2018 the price of cannabis in a 3.5g package has fallen 10%. The average price has been below the historical trend for the past 10 months.

Price Per Gram of 7g Packages

The first 7g package was observed in November 2018 and priced at $9.91 per gram. 15 of the 27 active brands at that time offered a 7g package. Now, about a quarter of active brands offer this package size and the average price of a quarter ounce package of cannabis has fallen nearly 44% to $5.57 per gram. Monthly averages for this package size have been below the historical average trend for the past eight months.

Price Per Gram of 14g Packages

We first logged a half ounce package of whole flower cannabis in March 2020; 1 of the 74 brands at that time offered said package size, which was priced at $5.46 per gram. Since then about 10% of active brands offer half ounce package size and the average price across the market has risen 18% to $6.45 per gram. The average price of a half ounce of cannabis has been above the historical trend for the past five months.

Price Per Gram of 28g Packages

The first ounce package was observed in December 2019 from 1 of the 50 active brands at the time. That package size was available at $4.05 per gram. Currently about 25% of brands offer a 28 gram package and the average price has since increased 13% to $4.57 per gram. The average price per gram has been below the historical trend for the past 10 months.

Average Price Per Gram by Province

Breaking down the averages by province Newfoundland and PEI has the cheapest average prices, followed closely by Ontario and BC. Near the average of all the provinces ($9.82 per gram) are Alberta, Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan.  New Brunswick, Manitoba and Yukon all have average prices on the higher side of the spectrum.

Below, the quarterly average price-per-gram for dried cannabis by province is shown on the right.  At the end of the first quarter in 2022, PEI, Alberta and Newfoundland have the cheapest average prices for cannabis products in the country. That said, Nova Scotia, Ontario, BC and Manitoba are also below the $9.82 historical average that was observed in March 2022.

Bulk Discounts

Here we calculate the average savings, hereinafter called bulk discount, when moving to a larger package size. 

Moving from a 3.5g package to a 7g package a 30% bulk discount is average. A 40% discount is observed when moving from a 3.5g package to a 14g package. Finally, when moving from a 3.5g package to a 28g package a bulk discount of nearly 55% is observed on average.

Bulk Discounts by Province

Next we break the bulk discounts down by Province.

Greatest bulk discounts are observed in Yukon (69%), Manitoba (63%) and Alberta (60%). Lowest average bulk discounts are Ontario (52%), Newfoundland (56%) and PEI (56%).

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