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Last month we said that since Q4 2018 we’ve found the number of brands in the Canadian recreational cannabis market increases about 25% each quarter, however this past quarter we found the trend appeared to be weakening as the number of brands increased only 6%.

Brand Distribution Amongst Product Types

Flower is the top listed product type beating the rest of the pack by about 1000 SKUs. Pre-rolls are second which has also increased slightly in count this quarter.

We estimate 35% of all SKUs are listed as flower products which is down 3% from last quarter.

We count 314 brands in the flower segment, or 58% of all brands we’ve counted so far.

Product Type Counts

Flower and Pre-Roll Brands

The disparity between the number of brands listing flower products and the number of brands listing pre-roll products begun to increase in 2020 and more so in 2021.

In March 2022 we counted 1700 SKUs of dried flower available, compared to 1092 pre-roll SKUs.

Vape Product Brands

In March 2022 we observe 133 brands with a vape cartridge product in the market and 704 SKUs in total. Since late 2020 about 20 brands listed a disposable vaporizer product.

There are ten times the amount of cartridge product in the market then there are disposable products.

Beverage, Edible and Topical Brands

The number of brands with an edible product continues to grow faster than the number of brands for topical or beverage products. Currently we count 79 edible brands totalling about 490 SKUs. The number of beverage brands has increased this quarter, up to 48 brands with 134 SKUs. We noticed fewer new topical brands over this quarter, there are now 42 brands and 174 SKUs.

Capsule, Oil and Oral Spray Brands

We count 25 brands with a capsule product as of March 2022. Oral spray brands have plateaued at 10 and there are 57 brands with a cannabis oil product.

Product Type Market Share


Since we started tracking the Canadian recreational cannabis market in October 2018, we observe flower sales accounted for about 52% of all sales in the time period. Pre-rolls have jumped to over 17% of total sales with vape products just surpassing 15% of the market. Edible products are estimated at 5% of total historical market share.

Last Quarter

Since January 2022, flower has accounted for 49% of sales. Pre-rolls have 18.6% of the market with vape products at 16.6%. Edibles are nearing 5.5%. All the products making up the inhalable extract category are estimated to have 2.4% of market share, oils for non-inhalation use are estimated at 2.1% and beverages at 1.9%.

Flower, Cartridge and Pre-Roll Market Share

Of the 3 highest selling product types, flower continues to account for about a 60% share of sales. Pre-rolls and cartridges continue to make up about 20% of this market segment each with pre-rolls being the more popular of the pair. 

Vape Product Makes Share

Preference for vape cartridge products continues to dominate three other product types (starter kit, disposable pen, Pax Pod) in the vape category. In February 2022 we observed a small month over month increase in disposable pen market share of +0.7% and a similar decrease in vape cartridge market share.

Beverage, Edible and Topical Market Share

In the grouping of beverage, edible and topical products, sales for edible products continues to account for greater than 63% of the market share. Specifically beverage products account for just over 20% of the total market share of this group while capsule product makes up the remaining 17%.

Capsule, Oil and Oral Spray Market Share

Oil products dominate market share for this group with about 65% of total sales. Capsule products have been increasing in market share throughout 2021, rising from 25% to 30%. Oral Sprays have continued to shrink and share of sales down to 1.6% of total sales from this group this month.

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