The data for this Leafly article is generated automatically from web stores with active cannabis product listings.

Data generation for legal market sections was initiated October 18 2019. New products and stores are added as they enter the market.

Variables tracked are:

  • Producer
  • Brand
  • Product Type
  • Cultivar Name
  • House Name
  • THC Content (Maximum and minimum)
  • CBD Content (Maximum and minimum)
  • Package Price
  • Package Size
  • Price Per Gram
  • Price Per 100mg (THC and CBD, based on range average)
  • Relative Terpene Information
  • Stock Status
  • Location of production
  • Grow methodology
  • Method of Use

Data generation is performed daily and used to track changes in the overall market on a longitudinal basis. Benchmark averages are calculated for the market and used for competitive analysis at the store, producer, brand or cultivar level.

Several layers of processing is applied to the data. For example, producers are added to each listing where only brands are shown and information for known cultivars are populated for listings that only show house name. Another example of a calculation performed, cannabinoid maximum and minimum values are used to calculate the range average content for the listing.