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Canadian Cannabis Listing Count

Below, we look at listing counts in Canada’s recreational cannabis market. The counts are summarized across two views, a high level producer summary and a breakdown of the listings by store, product type and brand.

Producer Summary

Shown in greyscale, producers are shown within an area representative to the number of listings per day (excluding out of stock items) across all web stores tracked.

The shade of each section denotes the number of stores the producer is listing in, producers with darker rectangles list their products in more stores.

Background information for the summary is given within each area. Tap/hover each section to see a breakdown by product type.

Listings by Store, Product Type and Brand

The coloured portion of the infographic summarizes all listings by product type. Each store represented by the area made up of the coloured boxes.

The number of listings per day for each brand in the store is shown by the area of each rectangle, relative to the number of listings per day for the store.

Background information on listing averages for each brand is shown inside each rectangle. Tap/hover to see a historical breakdown of the average.

Use the highlighters to navigate this portion of the infographic. Highlight a producer, brand or web store using the highlighters below. Click the legend to highlight a specific product type.

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