Typically the value side, some brands exist in this price span; like Delta 9 in Alberta for instance.

I’d tell you the first to put out a 3.5 gram package in this price bracket was Organigram’s brand TrailBlazer, which offered one variety: Glow Buds. It arrived to the Ontario market first, where it was priced $17.99. And you can see from the graph below, it garnered much of the market share for that time.

Let’s take a look at what’s been happening lately using the April 2021 dataset.

April 2021 Highlights

In Alberta, sales within this price bracket is dominated by Delta 9, they had 43% of this section in April and was sold in 82 stores we observe. Riff followed up with a quarter of the market (25%) in 34 stores.

Contrasting this to Ontario, where we see 3 brands with the majority of the market share, and none of them are similar to Alberta. Here TwD. had 22% of this section, followed by Pure Sun Farms (who had 2% in Alberta) and then Good Supply (who had 2% in Alberta as well). Store count differs here as well, it tends to be lower in this bracket, TwD. was in 43 stores, PSF was in 31, and 23 stores priced Good Supply at this price point. 

In BC, TrailBlazer leads this bracket, in 4 of the stores we track. Caliber is second in 10 stores, and TwD. follows in third in 3 stores.

Check out the live version here.