We’ve gathered data on gummy products from a number of stores in Canada. And we’re walking you through the high points of the market; who are the brands, where they are available and how much they are selling for. We give some averages for the market, so you know what to expect price-wise.

Here’s some thing to know first. This was made for consumer awareness. We’re summarizing some values here, like price per cannabinoid content, but that doesn’t tell the whole story about the product. Some of these have a lot of sugar, some have dyes and artificial flavouring. We’re going to give you a good idea on what’s out there, but you have to do your own diligence on what you’re putting in your body.

We observe the data, clean it, and summarize across as many stores as we can. So there will be some variation in the numbers between provinces, or stores. We’ve average the data to account for this, but you’ll notice some variation in the singular prices displayed. Our data is always growing, you can email Brad if you notice a product isn’t included here.

First, we’re looking at the market top down. All the brands we can find listed, by the number of products we can find from each.

Here we look at coverage across all the stores we track, and we show the % coverage by brand for each province.

Last is the price check. We show the national average package price for any gummy, and estimate the average price per milligram per cannabinoid content. Again, continue this conversation with your bud tender, or check the ingredients on the online listing. Check back to pancakenap.com for quick comments on the ingredients from a (Registered Dietician), as interpreted by Brad.