I’m writing some qualitative reviews of legal gummy products in Canada currently, thought I’d pull some data to compare prices between Canada’s legacy market, and the new products in the legal market.


In June 2021, about 650 listings were found on a website that lists products from online and delivery services in Canada. Listings with the words ‘gummy’ or ‘soft chew’ were included. Common brands were identified and separated. The remaining products were grouped under ‘0’ brand.

Cannabinoid values were parsed out of the product name and used with the product price to calculate the price per mg of each product. Total averages are given, and are shown by brand. Select any bar on the graph to filter the data for that brand.


Canadian legal edibles are limited to 10mg of THC per package. On average, a legacy product will have about 350mg of THC per package.

Package Price

The average of my purchases of legal products is about $7.50 per package, which contains 10mg of THC, making for $0.75 for every milligram of THC included. On average, the listings I found in the legacy market are priced $0.36 per mg.

Active Content Price

Average prices as high as $0.60 per mg were observed from listings in the legacy market. These listings also typically had the least amount of cannabinoid concentration in the group.

The lowest average prices observed were below $0.05 per mg of content, which typically were observed from products with higher cannabinoid concentrations. The lowest average price observed was $0.03 per mg of content but individual listings for less can be found as well.