Cannabis Listings By Product Type

High level summary of all product types listed at recreational web stores. … Read More >Cannabis Listings By Product Type

This report looks at product listings placed in the recreational sector of the Canadian cannabis industry. Listings are collected from various online retailers and shown in summary.

Subjects covered in the report

  • Market Listings by Product Type
  • Producer listing counts by product type
  • Producer Products

By the end of the report, you should be able to know what products are being listed in each store, which producers are active in various stores and the specific products they list.

First, we look at product type by listing count. I’ve broken down listings by store type to show which products are being listed where. By far, dried flower products are the most common listings.

Second, we look at all the producers with active listings by the product types they list. Tap/Hover to see how those listings are distributed over the various web stores included in the report.