In this post we’ll take a look at Lot420 from the time of their first product release up until April 30, 2022. We’ll cover their SKUs and where they list, do a price check against the benchmark average and then we’ll check their sales from several different perspectives. 


Over 4 provinces Lot420 lists only one product type; flower. Lot420 appears to emerge in the market around April 12 2021.  Since then we count that Lot420 has listed 3 SKUs, which is 72% less SKUs than the average brand over the same time period.

We can find the products listed at 655 of the 1489 stores we’ve tracked in total.

Price Point

Per gram, Lot420’s flower tends to be about 54% more expensive than other flower products. In 3.5g packages Lot420 tends to be 36% more expensive than the average listing (10.12/g), while in the 7g format Lot420 is 79% more expensive than the average listing in that package size ($7.17/g).

Average Sales per Store

Over a 12 month period, we tracked an average of $772.61 in sales per month per store for the Lot420 brand.

Sales by Month

With respect to the stores we track, sales for Lot420 products fell 23% from March 2022 to April 2022. Sales appear to have peaked in January 2022.

Sales by Product Type and Package Size
Flower, 3.5g Package

Gelato #33 is Lot420’s flagship offering. They have since offered a SKU entitled Off Menu, which is available at a smaller selection of stores.