This report summarizes data observed from publicly displayed listings for Canadian cannabis products across Canada. Available inventory is summarized over time, and used to estimate sales.

High level market measures tracked:

Store Count

The number of stores tracked over time.

Brand Count

The number of brands tracked over time.

SKU Count

The number of unique products (by brand, product type, product name, and package size) found over time.

Number of Listings by Product Type

Tree map showing the number of listings in the market by product time.

Historical Share of Sales Observed

Share of total sales is shown for each product type by the area graph.

The % change in sales is shown monthly by the bar graph.

Both measures are shown in the table.

Use the filter to include or exclude product types from the analysis calculations.

Monthly Product Type Summary

This view covers the current month only.

% of stores and sales are shown by province.

Sales share by product type is shown, and then broken out by province.

Brand Sales

The % share in sales monthly is shown by product type, and is filterable by brand.

The % share in sales monthly is shown by area, and the store count is shown by colour.

Monthly Brand Summary

View of the current month only.

Share of sales is shown by brand, and broken out by province.

Store count, share of sales, and share of stores is shown by brand.

Product Sales

The % share in sales monthly is shown by product, and is filterable by brand, product type and province.