• New, low-priced offerings from Original Stash (OS220 on 11/30) and Good Supply (Royal Highness on 12/11) push Twd down to 5th place
  • Original Stash OS220 breaks all single-product records selling over 150kg (and earning over $750k) this month.
  • Twd was by far the hardest hit by OS220, their sellthrough falling from 72kg last month to only 42kg this month with analogously painful drops in revenues.
  • Redecan comes out of nowhere with Mistletoke (12/3 - 12/21) and demonstrates that low priced, high value seasonal products can do very well.
  • Hexo post-sale market share has stabilized at an average of 5%
  • First full month of Figr establishes their dried flower market share at a disapointing 0.2%

Notable events

  • 12/3 Redecan introduces Mistletoke. It goes on to do exceptionally well, elevating them to 3rd place overall.
  • 12/11 Redecan introduces Wappa. The killer combination of Misletoke and Wappa gives them a peak market share of 11.5% during this time.
  • 12/11 Good Supply introduces Royal Highness, which sells very well and boosts market share to a peak of 15.7%. For the next two weeks both Royal Highness and Jean Guy sell very well.
  • 12/12 Van Der Pop launches with a single offering, Eclipse.
  • 12/21 Redecan runs out of Mistletoke. During it's just over 2 week run, it outsold all their other products combined.
  • 12/23 Gage rises from the dead, re-listing Orange CKS (a cult classic) and presenting a new offering (Strawberry Fire OG). The crowd goes .. mild, with their market share rising to over 3% within a week of introducing these products.
  • 12/25 Good Supply runs out of Jean Guy, dropping their market share back down.