• On Jan 16th the OCS website went down from midnight - 9am to launch 2.0 products.


  • Original Stash remains on top with OS220, but Puresun pulling almost as much revenue on half the grams sold
  • Value offerings from Twd and Redecan remains immensely popular
  • Good Supply is a marketshare-eating monster (when it's in stock!), munching on Hexo and Twd mostly
  • Namaste launch grabbed a peak market share 1.2% but averaged out to only 0.5%
  • Figr No 28 launch fizzled out, peak market share 0.5%
  • Tantalus Labs and WMMC delist the bulk of their remaining dried flower inventories
  • High Tide launch carved out 2% market share

Notable events

  • 01/08 Namaste launches sensi star and shishkaberry to a collective yawn. market share peaks at 1.2%
  • 01/09 Tantalus Labs Skunk Haze delists (0.1% market share)
  • 01/16 CANNABIS 2.0 LAUNCHED!
  • 01/16 Vertical Shishkaberry delists during the 2.0 shuffle
  • 01/20 Good Gupply starts popping in and out
  • 01/21 Redecan Wappa restock brings their sales back from the dead
  • 01/22 Figr launches No 28, yawns all around as market share peaks at 0.5%
  • 01/22 WMMC CBG Shiatsu kush delists (0.1% market share)
  • 01/24 Good Supply Jean Guy 3.5g hits, grabs 12.5% peak market share
  • 01/24 Price drops on Sundial Zenberry flower raises their sales by about 50%, but too little too late as peak market share was only 0.7%
  • 01/27 Riff ran out of weed
  • 01/28 Gage restock grabs peak 1.4% market share
  • 01/28 High Tide launches Headband, grabs respectable 2% market share