• This is the start of our data feed, we're missing data from the first 3 days of the month so expect total sales numbers to be deflated by approx 10%.


  • Two budget brands, Puresun and Twd, lead this month in both grams and revenues (but look at 11/30 - a strong challenger appears!)
  • San Rafel and Hexo did about the same volume (~35kg) but San Rafael pulled almost twice as much revenue (look at 11/15 for the explanation)
  • Broken Coast is the clear revenue leader in the premium space, pulling a solid 14.5kg in sales volume at an avg of $13.50/g.

Notable events

  • 11/15 Hexo Holiday Sale. Market share prior to the sale was approx 2-3%, while peak market share on the first day of the sale was 18.5%!
  • 11/20 Spinach introduces Sensi Star. In only 10 days, it outsells all their other products for the whole month and raises their market share from near-0 to a respectable average of 3% for the month.
  • 11/28 Figr launches two products with weird names (No 10 and No 17), nobody buys them.
  • 11/30 Original Stash launches OS220 the $140 ounce, and in fact the only ounce. In only 28 hours of availability this product captured an average of 2% market share for the month, peaking at a record-setting 47.5% of the dried flower market for the day. Big losers are other value brands (Twd, Puresun) while the top and middle tiers the market remained untouched.