• On Jan 16th the OCS website went down from midnight - 9am to launch 2.0 products.


  • Solei reigned supreme in volume with it's budget CBD Free Oil until they ran out; Edison's CBD Oil was the clear winner during its absense. Restock of Oil Spray towards end of the month swung the pendulum back somewhat.
  • Aurora is winning at the $/ml game, with ~75% less sales compared to Solei they made only ~30% less revenue.
  • Hexo Oils were delisted in the 2.0 shuffle and haven't re-appeared
  • Foria exits the Oil market
  • Kiwi Cannabis and Northern Harvest enter the Oil market
  • Redecan Oil is supply-bound, stock is being picked clean within minutes.
  • Tweed Oil supply ran out.
  • Symbl price drop mid-month improved their market share from ~2% to 6%

Notable events

  • 01/06 Emerald restocks SYNC 25 CBD Oil
  • 01/10 Foria Topical oil stock is pulled, item gets delisted on 01/16
  • 01/11 Tweed runs out of Argyle Spray
  • 01/12 Cove sells out of Rest and Reflect oils
  • 01/13 Vertical Balance drops restock
  • 01/16 Hexo oils get lost in the 2.0 shuffle
  • 01/16 Symbl High CBD oil goes on sale
  • 01/23 Tweed runs out of Bakerstreet spray
  • 01/23 Solei runs out of Free Oil
  • 01/24 Irsa Moon stock is pulled
  • 01/28 Northern Harvest enters oils game with Forte Oil
  • 01/28 Solei Free Spray restocked
  • 01/30 Kiwi Cannabis enters oils game with Balanced