• Redecan, Solei and Good Supply continue to lead this very crowded market.
  • 48 North launched a new product, elevating their market share from low single digits to approx 10%
  • Eve & Co launched with a single SKU. It peaks just under 6% market share before tapering back into the noise floor.
  • Tantalus Labs launched with 3 products, starting slow but growing to just over 6% market share by end of the month.
  • SugarLeaf launched with Jack Haze preroll, everyone bought it once then laughed at how bad it is - Nobody bought it a second time.
  • Good Supply ran low on stock towards the end of the month

Notable events

  • 12/16 Tantalus Labs launches with Blue Dream and Skunk haze prerolls
  • 12/17 Tantalus Labs adds Harlequinn prerolls to it's lineup
  • 12/24 48 North launches Franco's Lemon Cheese Prerolls
  • 12/24 SugarLeaf launches Jack Haze prerolls. Small first batch sells quickly.
  • 12/25 Eve and Co launches The Boss preroll
  • 12/26 SugarLeaf Jack Haze prereroll restocks and stops dead.