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We provide accurate cannabinoid content and pricing data and analysis for the cannabis industry in North America. We aim to set an industry standard for quality, delivering unprecedented market insights into Canada’s medical and adult-use cannabis market.

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We offer reliable data on cannabis in Canada 

CannStandard is defining, tracking and synthesizing the industry metrics that matter most.

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Market awareness and navigation

Our basic reports tell the story from the start. Outlining the markets we track, the producers competing within them and the products they list. 

Producer Inventory Levels

Our market data spans from the ACMPR (medical cannabis market) to Canada’s legalization in October 2018.

Historical pricing data

Our market data spans from the ACMPR (medical cannabis market) to Canada’s legalization in October 2018 and tracks all new products entering the market.

Competitive Analysis

Our analysis is reported with respect to the benchmarks we define and track based on your needs. Data is shown through the layer of performance analysis.

Comparative Intelligence

We track the market on multiple levels of granularity, from cultivar specific to company specific. 

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Tracking and Analysis

By tracking cannabis cultivar inventory and availability, we are able to provide comparative strain pricing and cannabinoid metrics for products available across Canada.

Catering to the Cannabis Industry

Rapid growth and the emergence of new producers, products and cultivars has left the industry hungry for timely and reliable market research.

Customized Cannabis Reporting

Synthesized information and analytics are output and presented in the dashboard using data visualizations and graphics supported by meaningful and timely insights from the industry’s leading stakeholders.

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Gain access to unprecedented cannabis industry insights and information via CannStandard’s market intelligence dashboard and our free and premium regular reports, or get customized data solutions, catered to your needs and industry.

Getting Quality Insights

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We use an integrated approach to our research methodology, continuously observing conversions on provincial websites and interpreting the data to bring listing specific market share information at the producer and brand level.

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    • Edibles and Baked Goods

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