Since Q4 2018, we’ve found the number of brands in the Canadian recreational cannabis market increases about 25% each quarter. 

Last year, the quarterly average decreased to an average of 15% more brands in the market each quarter.

Brand Distribution Amongst Product Types

Flower is the top listed product type. 

We estimate 38% of all SKUs are listed at flower products. We count 258 brands in the flower segment, or 62% of all brands we’ve counted so far.

Product Type Counts

Flower and Pre-Roll Brands

The disparity between the number of brands listing flower products and the number of brands listing pre-roll products begun to increase in 2020 and more so in 2021.

Vape Product Brands

The number of brands listing cartridge products slowed in 2021 compared to 2020. Last year, 30 new brands were found listing a cartridge product, a decrease over 2020’s value of 51 new brands.

Since the release of vape products in late 2019, the number of brands listing a disposable pen, Pax pod or starter kit has remained under 20.

Beverage, Edible and Topical Brands

We found more edible brands than beverage and topical brands in 2021. Throughout 2021, growth in the number of brands listing all product types increased similarly. We observed about 125% growth in the number of edible brands and 135% growth in the number of brands listing beverage and topicals.

Capsule, Oil and Oral Spray Brands

The number of brands listing cannabis oils has been increasing steadily over the past two years while the number of brands listing capsules and oral sprays has plateaued and decreased, respectively.

Product Type Market Share

Since the start of tracking the Canadian recreational cannabis market, we observe flower sales at about 53% of all sales.

Pre-rolls and vape products typically comprise at least 15% of all sales each, with pre-rolls being the more popular product of the two.

On average, edible products comprise 5-6% of sales, making it the 4th most popular product type.

The remaining product types; oils, beverages, inhalable extracts (wax, shatter, budder etc), hash, capsule, topical, rosin, isolate and starting material encompass less than 6% of total sales over the entire term. However, market share for this group is increasing. Over 2021, the market share for this group was observed at just under 9% of total sales.

Flower, Cartridge and Pre-Roll Market Share

In April 2020, flower products captured more market share than both pre-rolls and cartridge product combined. Since then flower market share amongst the group has decreased 10%, from 70% to just below 60%.

Vape Product Makes Share

The preference for cartridge product grew throughout 2020 and the first half of 2021. Since April 2021, we estimate cartridge sales comprise over 90% of market share for vape products (510 cartridges, disposable pens, Pax pods, and starter kits).

Beverage, Edible and Topical Market Share

Edibles products have represented about 65% of market share for this group since early 2020. Over the same period of time, popularity of beverages has increased to the point where it overtook the popularity of capsule products.

Capsule, Oil and Oral Spray Market Share

Oil products dominate market share for this group with about 65% of total sales. Capsule products have been increasing in market share throughout 2021, rising from 25% to 30%. Along the same time period, Oral Sprays have shrunken in share of sales, from 11% to just under 4%.

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