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Rosin Pricing Averages

This infographic explores the listed prices of rosin extracts in Canada and the USA.

The data shown was generated by scraping listings for cannabis products shown on a large listing web site. Data was taken at the start of each month and filtered to include only rosin concentrates– all other product types were removed. Specific rosin types (live rosin, rosin budder, hash rosin) are contained but not broken out.

Summary figures on the national level are shown top left, with the price distribution shown on the right.

Provincial and state breakdowns are shown on the map. Tap/hover each province for the summary data. Only listings with provincial designations are included. Notice the variance between average prices on the national level versus the provincial level, some of the mail order operators with less expensive product do not use a provincial designator for their listings.

The monthly average price is shown below, with historical average calculated. Filter this graph by province by highlighting the province on the map above.

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