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Read a sample of our market reports and learn about our data & analysis.

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Email Subscriptions

This package contains two of our core reports on top selling cannabis products and brands, as well as a new product summary report sent to your email inbox each month. This is for readers that want to keep up with major trends and what’s popular, plus get a bit of detailed analysis on certain elements in the market. 

Top Selling Products

Our list of the top 30 selling SKUs from the Canadian Cannabis Market includes the product type, brand, product name, package size, and % of total sales for the top 30 products in Canada.

Top Selling Brands

Our list of the top 10 brands is based on % of total sales for that month.

New Products

Our list of the newly listed products includes any new listings we found in the market this month.

Highlights from the Market. 

Our most popular market reports from each month. Subjects include, but are not limited to, brand or product type spotlights from the Canadian Cannabis market, analysis on illicit market prices and medical cannabis pricing.


Monthly Trend Reports

This package contains a market report that covers:

  • Store Count
  • Sales & Sales by Product Type
  • Number of Brands in Market & Market Leaders
  • Top Selling Products & Brands
  • New & Notable Products

Past Market Reports

CannStandard has been collecting data since pre-legalization, and for a monthly charge, you can access all our past data for a low monthly fee.

Brand & Product Type Spotlights

Every month, we analyze the data and offer brand and product type spotlights to showcase the product offerings in the Canadian cannabis industry.

Custom Reports

We can track specific variables across the Canadian cannabis industry for data-backed insights. 

Calendar Schedule

See our calendar release schedule here.

    Online Live Reports

    For readers who want monthly updates on a wide variety of reports. Get spotlights for all active brands and product types and store level reports.

    Filterable Data

    Filter the reports to show the data you want, and download it in PDF or PNG for easy sharing, or connect live at any time. 

    Measure Tracking

    Add email notifications for specific cannabis market changes and measures. 

    Custom Reports

    Ask us about creating custom reports specific to your business needs.