This document tracks listings for Shatter products from licensed stores in Canada.  Shatter is a cannabis extract that uses hydrocarbons, usually butane or propane, as a solvent which is then carefully purged leaving a highly potent extract preparation.

Listing Counts

This section explores listing counts relatively and over time.

In blue and orange we count the brands and SKUs in the market respectively, both cumulatively and over time.

Cannabinoid Content

On the left side we give the static average of sum cannabinoid content (THC + CBD) content across all SKUs.

On the right, we’ve counted all SKUs according to their cannabinoid content, placing them in 50mg buckets.

Unit Prices

The next section looks at unit price. All units are shown in grams.

On left side we show the static average for all types of Shatter in grams while on the right side we show a histogram of Shatter SKU counts binned into $5 sections of unit price.

In the section below we keep the focus on unit price, but we shift to look at how the average unit price changed over time.

Finally we show the variance from the static average for each brand with a Shatter product.

Market Share

In the final section, we look at SKUs making it into the top 5 sellers each month.

A line graph of market share for the top 5 is shown on left (hover/tap lines for more information) and on right we list each SKU making it into the top 5, and their placement for that month.