In this post we’ll take a look at Spinach by Peace Naturals, owned by Cronos Group. We’ll cover their SKUs and where they list. We do a price check against the benchmark average. Then we’ll check their sales from several different perspectives. 


Over 10 provinces, Spinach lists three product types; flower, pre-rolls and vape cartridges. From May 1, 2020 to the end of February 2022, we count Spinach has listed 56 SKUs or 163% more SKUs than the average brand.

We can find the products listed in the substantial majority of the stores we track, current store counts are around 1000 stores per month.

Price Point

Typically their prices are below the benchmark average for pre-roll and flower products. Cartridge products tend to be on the average.

Average Sales per Store

Over a 21 month period, we tracked an average of $2418 in sales per store per month for the Spinach brand. In February 2022 we logged $1757 of sales per store for Spinach products. Flower tends to be their biggest seller accounting for over 3/4 of sales over the 21 month period. Pre-rolls make up 15% of sales and cartridge product accounts for almost 7% of sales over the period.

Sales by Month

We estimate sales for Spinach products fell 55% over last month, bringing them back to a sales level seen in September 2020. This makes for the second month of declining sales for Spinach products. The high for their sales was observed in July 2021.

Sales by Product Type and Package Size
Flower, 3.5g Package

We estimate that flower in a 3.5 g package accounts for 85% of Spinach’s flower sales, whereas the 7 g package has 13% of total sales. The remaining amounts are made up by their ounce package. 

GMO cookies appears to be their best seller, followed closely by Diesel, Blue Dream and Rockstar Kush, all are within a percent of each. White Widow, Blueberry, Wedding Cake and Sensi star account for around 5% of total sales each. Their new varieties Atomic Sour Grapefruit, Cocoa Bomba and Pineapple Paradise make up a smaller percentage.

Flower, 7g Package

Diesel and Rockstar Kush tend to be the best sellers in their larger 7 g format. Tangerine Twist is the only ounce options so far not sold under the Nuggets brand.


Blue Dream and Rockstar Kush are the top sellers for 1 g pre-roll products. Whereas GMO cookies is a top seller for their 1.5 g pre-roll products. 


Looks like Rockstar Kush is also on the top end of sales for cartridge products as well as Diesel and newcomer Original GC (which we assume means Green Crack or Green Cush).

In the 1 g cartridge package size there is Pineapple Paradise and Atomic Sour Grapefruit, their newer offerings we saw listed earlier under flower product type as well.