This report offers an analysis of cannabis sales statistics from Statistics Canada.

Statistics Canada Cannabis Sales

Charts displayed by selecting this subject box cover total sales by month along with the percentage change in sales month over month.

Cumulative Cannabis Sales

The charts covered by this subject box include a running sum of sales and a measure of the percent of a given months contribution to total sales since legalization of recreational cannabis.

The running sum chart displays the total of sales made in dollars up to a given month, while the percent of total sales displays the percent contribution to the total a given month made.

Compound Growth Rate

This subject box displays a chart illustrating the percent change in sales relative to the first month of recreational sales.

Best Months

This subject box links to a chart that has ranked each analyzed month’s total sales in dollars from largest to smallest, measured since the beginning of legal recreational cannabis sales.

Best Quarters

In this subject box a chart ranks each quarter since legalization from largest to smallest similar to the Best Months chart.

Cannabis Sales Forecast

This subject box calls a chart of sales since recreational legalization to August of 2022 followed by projected sales up until year end 2023.  Lines of linear regression are separately displayed for real and projected sales as well as upper and lower bounds of forecast values.

Cannabis Sales Forecast Crosstab

Selecting this subject box reports the same data as the Cannabis Sales Forecast, but in table form.