Dried Cannabis, Web Store Summary

High level summary with producer/brand focus for all stores listing dried cannabis. … Read More >Dried Cannabis, Web Store Summary

This summary looks at dried cannabis product listed at legal web stores in Canada.

We’ll start by looking at the producers listing cannabis products in Canadian web stores, and their respective brands. Hover/tap to break down the listing data by brand and their active listings per day. Use the filter at the bottom to restrict the chart by date.

Next, we look at per gram pricing distribution for all package sizes listed each of the stores included in the summary.

Continuing with price, the data is shown broken down by package size. Use the filter on the top right to restrict the chart by web store.

The graphic below shows Canadian producers of cannabis by the average price of their dried flower listings on the left side. On the right, the averages are broken down by package size.

Tap/hover over the graph on the left to see a breakdown of average price by the producer’s brands. Tap/hover each data point on the graph on the right to breakdown the average price of that package size by web store.

Use the highlighter at the top left to highlight a specific producer against the group on both sides of the graph. Use the filter at the top right to restrict the data by web store.

To filter the dataset by producer, click/tap the producer on the left bar graph.

Within the same context as above, we look at a summary table of Canadian cannabis producers, alongside their respective brands, the provincial web stores where their dried cannabis products are listed, and the average price of the listings.

Now we’re going to incorporate cannabinoid content into the analysis. Listings for dried cannabis use ranges for cannabinoid content, and the average of those range is used for the following graphic. Per gram pricing and cannabinoid content are shown below, listing density is denoted by colour.

Below, we look at the same graph, broken down by producer. Listings are shown in detail, tap/hover to see the listing text provided by the vendor. I’ve sorted the graph by the average of all listings, left to right.

Some producers have multiple bands, on the chart below we’ll break the data down to the brand level. Similar to the above, listings are shown in detail, tap/hover for the listing text and the graph is sorted by the average for each brand.

Inside the same context of price per 100mg of active content, let’s change from the brand level to summarize the chart by store.

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